Guy Maddin's Keyhole: A Post Production Diary

A collection of thoughts (and plot points) found along the way toward finishing Guy Maddin's latest feature film, Keyhole.

Keyhole: Available For Purchase & Download!

Hey cool-kids,

 Keyhole has just been released on DVD, BluRay, and is available for purchase at such “stores” as Amazon (or you can really impress me and buy it at an independent retailer). You can also find it on Netflix, if you have that sort of thing.

  There is also now an official website for Keyhole. Not that I’m jealous, or that you should stop sending me your questions or anything (*sniff*).

  I wish you all the best from Toronto.


[A] movie like “Keyhole” plays like a fever dream using the elements of film noir but restlessly rearranging them in an attempt to force sense out of them.

  Roger Ebert’s review of Keyhole, from the Chicago Sun-Times. Yes, that Roger Ebert.

The New York Times Also Likes Us

A certain Mr. “A. O. Scott” has delivered a supportive review in this obscure New York-based newspaper. I know, I know - I don’t want to spam you with every mention of this film, but I thought someone would be interested in this.

The Village Voice Likes Us

Hey peeps. Looks like the Village Voice likes Keyhole. So much so that they have a very nice review posted on their website.

Wie Gehts, Berlin

It has come to my attention that Keyhole shall have its international premiere at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival! Congrats to all involved - I have no clue how it shall be received over there, but I think it will be warmly embraced.


Hello all,

  Just an FYI, now that Keyhole has found a home in the U.S. and the trailer is released, it would seem my job here (intermittent as it has been over the last month or so) is done.

  If anything major comes up, I’ll let you know, otherwise a big thank-you to everyone who has visited. I hope you all get a chance to watch the film (either in theatres or on video), and I encourage you to share your thoughts.

  In the meantime, you can find me over at my blog, Imaginary Magnitude.



Gold, I tell you. I am here to give you gold. Yes, behold the Keyhole trailer. Thank you all for your patience - I know the trailer has been a long time coming, and I’m happy to finally (finally) give you the goods.

Enjoy. By the way, make sure you watch it in hi-res, if only because it makes the screen nice and big.

Keyhole Has/Lands/Nabs/Finds a U.S. Distributor

Never let it be said that I have abandoned this site. I’m only interested in the gold. That, and sharing it with you, dear considerate reader. Click on the headline (or here) for the full (if brief) story.

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Hawk-eyed cinematographer Ben Kasulke caught this review of Keyhole - on no less than Fangoria!

Maybe if I just made a ‘gangsters and ghosts in a house’ film, I could really disguise my essay-film about the phenomenology of houses, in a genre or two.

Guy discussing his motivations for Keyhole.

NYT on Keyhole

Caught this 2:24m interview with Guy regarding Keyhole, the ideas and experiences behind its execution, and the idea of cinematic “classification”.

A Good TIFF’ing Night

The premiere of  Keyhole at TIFF was very enjoyable. It was the first film I’ve seen at the TIFF Lightbox theatre (though I’ve been there in the past as a speaker on stereoscopic 3D post production). The picture quality and sound are tremendous, and I can say this having watched it sitting in the balcony - no complaints on the fidelity. It did seem as if the colour balance between the film reels was not consistent (an issue the producer also noted), which is very easy to notice on a B&W film since, being printed on colour stock, tonal shifts tend to go either toward blue or green - I am hoping the lab will investigate.

Aside from that, nearly the entire cast was in attendance with the exception of Isabella Rossellini, who sadly could not join. 

(Guy and cast during the after-screening Q&A with the audience)

Even Jason Patric and Udo Kier were there, though they missed the beginning of the audience Q&A because they were in the mens room. Kudos to Brooke Palsson for an adept handling of an audience member’s “So, what’s it about?” question.

After the screening, title designer Ingrid Paulson and I took a moment to enjoy the atmosphere in the Luma lounge, just outside the screening theatre. There was a lovely view of King Street beneath us.

We soon joined the rest of the cast and crew at a venue on John Street (it had no name), where drinks were poured and hors d’oeuvres were served with little napkins. People came and went, including ex-Sex Pistol, ex-PiL-member, sometimes radio personality, John Lydon. Nothing was broken. Things, however, were cut to pieces on the 3rd floor where a collage-making party was happening.

(Guy, standing, beside Louis Negin, seated, who looks like George C. Scott in the lighting)

It was all very warm and cozy. Both Jason Patric and Udo Kier came by for drinks and nosh. I must say, Udo’s eyes are a most piercing blue, like lapis lazuli.

(Udo Kier posing for a photo with a fan)

All in all, a good evening. No word on a trailer yet, but I will let you know when something surfaces.

They Like It!

Alt-weekly The Grid has weighed-in on the selections at TIFF ‘11, and Keyhole fares well. As is the case with many TIFF-related reviews, the reviews themselves tend to be quite encapsulated - perhaps they are in fact dehydrated. I will pour water on this review and see if it expands.

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